Bargain Bandit Tuesday 1/15/2013

Today is Tuesday and that means it’s time for my Bargain Bandit episode. Every week, I share information about some of my recent sales, show off some favorite picks, and shout out to fellow you-

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Bargain Bandit Tuesday 1/15/2013

Games You Should Pick # 7: Pirates of th

Hi everyone! I thought since board games are my specialty, I would do a Game of the Week feature where I talk about a different board game and why you should be picking it up. We’ll call this fe

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Games You Should Pick # 7: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Pirates Dice Game

YouTube Round-up 1-5-13 to 1-11-13

In this weekly feature, we’ll post links to various videos on YouTube that were posted in the past week. These videos may be helpful to pickers just starting out or to seasoned veterans. Or they

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YouTube Round-up 1-5-13 to 1-11-13

Highlighted eBay Post: Clue (1963)

In this weekly feature, which will be posted every Thursday, I will talk about a current listing of mine. I’ll explain why it’s a good pick-up and why it might still be for sale on eBay in

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Highlighted eBay Post: Clue (1963)

How-To Wednesdays: Checking Board Games

Every Wednesday, we’ll do a short how-to where we’ll tackle a topic in the reselling space and try to give clarity on it. eBay and other selling platforms, as well as picking itself, can b

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How-To Wednesdays: Checking Board Games for Completeness

YouTube Round-up 12-15-12 to 12-21-12

by on December 22, 2012 at 1:40 am

In this weekly feature, we’ll post links to various videos on YouTube that were posted in the past week. These videos may be helpful to pickers just starting out or to seasoned veterans. Or they just may be very entertaining. If you want to know who you should be watching on YouTube, this is a great list to start you out! We’ll be posting it every Friday for the week prior. If there are multiple videos on the person’s channel this week, we are linking only one, so be sure to subscribe to anyone you find interesting and check out the rest of their videos!

Must Watch Video of the Week

“Flip It To Sell” Haul #1 – Plushes, Mug, Game – HighlandPicker
Note: This video is hilarious and heartfelt, so it earns it’s place as the Must Watch Video of the Week.

Haul & Sales Videos
Texas Auction Picker Saturday night Auction haul 12-15-12 Toys, toys, toys! – Micheal Bomberger
this week 12-15-12 JUAN SANTANA (BIGGY BUYING THE CITY) RIDING $$$ GARAGE SALES PART 1 – juan santana
Finding Nothing is Part of HUSTLING – Ride Along with Bonafide Hustler – Bonafide Hustler
Goodwill and Other Thrift Store Haul and Ride Along – Resale Renegade – ResaleRenegade
Thrift Shop And Goodwill Haul During The Week. Women’s stuff and some other goodies – PickingProfits
Retro Retail: Friday night Auction, Plets, Snow Shoes, VTG Adding Machine – RetroRetail
Salvation Army Haul Video. Only 3 more days until the After the Apocalypse sales start. – William Stoner
12 18 Haul Video – Cripple Picker
12.15.12 Haul Video Garage Yard Sale How to make money resell – ThePickerGoose
thriftstore number 1 – thewarlord1944
***BIG WEEKEND HAUL, Craigslist Deals and TONS of Hotwheels – yogipicker
Christmas picking – Polictical Picker
Awesome Garage Sale Find! Magicians Personal Box of Vintage Magic Tricks – garagesalervaughn
Yard Sale / Flea Market Finds Haul Video #149 Part 1 – terminal99
Family Thrift Store: Grab Bags and Clothing – geminigal07
Update on CDs listed… Amazon Sales, Lots of Jewelry to List on eBay! Just checking in – MikesCollection
The Consignment Experiment. Part 6 – 12/20/2012 – 2ndhanddaisy
A&C TRIO | First Item SOLD On Ebay!!!! – antiquesandcollectab

Helpful Videos

Selling Neck Ties on Ebay: What I Look For, How I List Them, and How I Ship Them! – annabellasgiftshop
Evening Glass of Beer(s) with GlobalVoodoo Episode 11 Free Giveaways! – globalvoodoo
Making Money From Discontinued Items On eBay – Phoenix Picker
“Trash Talk & Treasures” with Brent & Wally Episode 17 (XMAS SPECIAL!!!!!) Season Finale! – ounitproductions
Is an Ebay Store Worth it? Selling and Making Money Online – Discussion Highlight – KennyChumsky

Entertaining and Interesting Videos

For Sale – Vintage Butterfly Knife – picking reselling – TheWarwickWarrior
My Storage Auction Partnership With A Former Drug Dealer – StorageAuctionShogun
The Gal Picker Show with Tracey and Staci 12/19/12 – TheGalPickerShow – All about  Spreadsheets
$1 to 50K Challenge Supplementary Episode: 10 Reasons Not To Buy And Sell Cameras + Challenge Update – 1dollarto50k

krausehouseofcards YouTube Channel Videos

All About Boardgames (Krause House of Cards and Games) – Weekly Boardgame Show
The Bargain Bandit 12/18/2012 – Y1, E28 (Yard Sales to eBay)

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