Bargain Bandit Tuesday 1/15/2013

Today is Tuesday and that means it’s time for my Bargain Bandit episode. Every week, I share information about some of my recent sales, show off some favorite picks, and shout out to fellow you-

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Bargain Bandit Tuesday 1/15/2013

Games You Should Pick # 7: Pirates of th

Hi everyone! I thought since board games are my specialty, I would do a Game of the Week feature where I talk about a different board game and why you should be picking it up. We’ll call this fe

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Games You Should Pick # 7: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Pirates Dice Game

YouTube Round-up 1-5-13 to 1-11-13

In this weekly feature, we’ll post links to various videos on YouTube that were posted in the past week. These videos may be helpful to pickers just starting out or to seasoned veterans. Or they

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YouTube Round-up 1-5-13 to 1-11-13

Highlighted eBay Post: Clue (1963)

In this weekly feature, which will be posted every Thursday, I will talk about a current listing of mine. I’ll explain why it’s a good pick-up and why it might still be for sale on eBay in

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Highlighted eBay Post: Clue (1963)

How-To Wednesdays: Checking Board Games

Every Wednesday, we’ll do a short how-to where we’ll tackle a topic in the reselling space and try to give clarity on it. eBay and other selling platforms, as well as picking itself, can b

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How-To Wednesdays: Checking Board Games for Completeness

How-To Wednesdays: eBay Shipping

by on January 2, 2013 at 10:44 pm

Every Wednesday, we’ll do a short how-to where we’ll tackle a topic in the reselling space and try to give clarity on it. eBay and other selling platforms, as well as picking itself, can be daunting. If you have a topic you would like to see in the How-To Wednesday topic, please leave comments and we will try to add it to the schedule. Thanks for reading!

usps-logoShipping through eBay is easy! I’ll say it again, shipping through eBay is easy! You only need a printer and half-sheet labels. If you don’t have half-sheet labels or would prefer to use plain paper, you can do that too! I do like the convenience of self-adhesing half-sheet labels. To make it easy, here’s a link to a listing on eBay that I buy labels from. You can get labels from this same vendor in differing amounts. The listing I linked is for 400 labels (200 sheets). You can start out with 100 sheets, or if you expect to do a lot of volume, you can buy them in even greater quantities. It’s free shipping, too!

Now that you have a printer and your paper or labels, what’s next?

When you set up a listing, you can choose from a variety of shipping methods. I prefer using calculated shipping, but it doesn’t really matter which method you use. Once the item has sold, you will have an option to ‘print shipping label’. When you click that, you will be taken to the shipping label screen. Here, you will have many options to choose from.

The first thing you will need to decide is if you want to use USPS or Fedex to ship. Recently, Fedex has become an option and in some cases, Fedex will be cheaper than even parcel post, and quicker too! If you choose Fedex, you will only need to put in the weight of the item and it will default to home delivery. The price is generally not cheaper unless you are shipping more than 4 lbs. At 4 lbs and above, depending on where the item is shipping to, Fedex may be a better option. The only downside is that you have to take it in to a Fedex drop facility, whereas with USPS, you can schedule a pickup if you know a day ahead of time you need them to come by.

If you decide to ship USPS, which will likely be the way you ship with most of your packages, you will need to know the weight of your item. If you are shipping internationally, first class, be sure to get the exact weight as first class international charges are based on a per ounce rate up to 4 pounds. For first class domestic, it’s only up to 13 ounces, but again on a per ounce weight. Shipping parcel post or Priority Mail via USPS is done per pound, so a package that is 2 pounds 1 ounce will be the same cost as a package that is 2 pounds 15 ounces. Keep that in mind when choosing your packing materials and box.

FedEx_Home_Delivery-logo-8753240591-seeklogo.comOnce you have put in the weight of your item and selected your shipping method, all you have to do is click either create label (Fedex) or Purchase Postage (USPS.) With USPS, if you are a new seller and are still in your holding period, where Paypal holds your money for a certain time, you will be given an option of paying later. This is great, since the money for the shipping won’t be taken out until the money you were paid actually clears. Otherwise, the payment for the shipping will be immediately removed from Paypal funds.

On the next screen, you will be given an option to print the label. Clicking that will bring up a window where you can adjust your margins, which is great if you are shipping smaller boxes. Otherwise, you just click print and voila, you have a label all ready to be affixed to your package.

In a future how-to, I will go over the different options for USPS shipping. I hope you found this helpful. Please comment and leave any questions you might have. Thanks for reading!

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YouTube Round-up 12-22 to 12-28-12

by on December 31, 2012 at 3:13 am

In this weekly feature, we’ll post links to various videos on YouTube that were posted in the past week. These videos may be helpful to pickers just starting out or to seasoned veterans. Or they just may be very entertaining. If you want to know who you should be watching on YouTube, this is a great list to start you out! We’ll be posting it every Friday for the week prior. If there are multiple videos on the person’s channel this week, we are linking only one, so be sure to subscribe to anyone you find interesting and check out the rest of their videos!

Must Watch Video of the Week

Make Money on Jackets! – Bonafide Hustler – Bonafide Hustler
Note: Bonafide Hustler is always full of useful info and he presents in bite size ways that are easy to digest and learn from!

Haul & Sales Videos
Ebay Sales Update Video – MrRetroJosh
12 24 12 sales update – Cripple Picker
Goodwill Haul Today Quick Hit – BuyFlipShip
Silver coin update , and little rant about buyers. – thewarlord1944
yard sale finds 12-29-12 to resell on ebay – JuanSantana
I found Diablo III at the thrift store! Screw best buy. Atari 2600 games in Holiday Goodwill Haul – thecollegepicker
Thrift Store Haul Video – * Make Money Buying And Selling used Items* !! – Raiken Profit
Christmas time picks – HUDSONVALLEYPICKER
Retro Retail: Goodwill Clothing haul & recently sold items from Nate – RetroRetail
Thrift Shop Haul! Pepsi Shirt, Hudson Jeans, Roller Derby, Harley Davidson Shirt, Mohair Scarf – PickingProfits
Large Pick-Up Lot – William Stoner
Weekly Pickups – Vintage Wranglers, Pendletons, Color Laser Printer and More – SpokanePickers
Yard Sale Flea Market Finds Haul Video #151 Winter Wonderland – terminal99
Some Good Jeans Brands to Flip on eBay – garagesalervaughn
Texas Auction Picker Saturday Night Auction haul and two guest stars – Micheal Bomberger
$75 Made While sick picking – Polictical Picker
Sales Update From a Real American Picker – ThePickerGoose
A&C TRIO | Thrift And Antique Mall Haul #17 – antiquesandcollectab
$1 to 50K Ebay/Picker Challenge: Epsiode 18 – 1dollarto50k

Helpful Videos

Office & Shipping Supplies at Sam’s Club for You Ebay or Online Business! – annabellasgiftshop
Rant on Shipping Cost – Made a Rookie Mistake – Phoenix Picker
Relationship Building and How It Can Make Your Business – Resale Renegade – ResaleRenegade
Short Tuitorial on Mid Century Modern Glassware by Designer, DORTHY THORPE, By The California Picker – CaliforniaPickin
What does a Broken Flat Screen TV Look like turned on? Bigger Hammer Art for the Holidays!! – KennyChumsky

Entertaining and Interesting Videos

*** YOGIPICKER Presents: Sexual Innuendos 3. ENJOY… – yogipicker (Warning, MA Content ;))
“Trash Talk & Treasures” PRESENTS “How the Fetch & Brent Stole X-Mas Eve!” … WINNERS ANNOUNCED! – ounitproductions
The Gal Picker Show w/ Tracey & Staci – Setting Goals for 2013 (2012 12 26) – TheGalPickerShow

krausehouseofcards YouTube Channel Videos

On the Road with Staci (12/21/12) Ep. 6 – Thrifting
On the Road with Staci (12/22/12) Ep. 6a – Sales/Auction
Bargain Bandit Episode 29 12/25/12 – Christmas Live Special! Last Show of the Year

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