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by on January 4, 2013 at 6:42 pm

In this weekly feature, which will be posted every Thursday, I will talk about a current listing of mine. I’ll explain why it’s a good pick-up and why it might still be for sale on eBay in an attempt to help other people understand the process of selling on eBay and the items I pick up. Please comment and let me know what you think!


Flustration (1) Flustration (2)

Flustration asks the question, have you ever been flustrated? Each player starts with 4 marbles in the start position and move them around the board to their home base using die rolls. This game was released in 1974 by Reiss Games. It comes complete with the game board, 16 marbles (4 of each color), 2 dice, and the instructions. This game is VERY similar to Aggravation.

The box has some condition issues. There is rubber band damage and tearing in the paper. There is some shelf wear as well. The interior contents look good. The instructions have some damage but are very readable. The marbles and board are in very good condition. The dice are not original to the game, but are in good condition.

Why hasn’t this game sold yet? More than likely, it’s because who want this ‘type’ of game don’t realize this is what they are looking for. Aggravation games sell for $20 easily, even in mediocre condition. This game is in pretty great condition, has a lot of age on it, and is complete. It’s also got a solid wooden board and is fancier than the normal Aggravation. My price point is very fair at $19.99 plus shipping. The game will sit in my store and probably sell when someone who wants an Aggravation comes across it and realizes what it is.

With this price point, I’m look at my pure profit to be about 15 dollars.

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