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by on January 10, 2013 at 5:02 pm

In this weekly feature, which will be posted every Thursday, I will talk about a current listing of mine. I’ll explain why it’s a good pick-up and why it might still be for sale on eBay in an attempt to help other people understand the process of selling on eBay and the items I pick up. Please comment and let me know what you think!

Clue 1963 Listing

Clue - Old (1)
Clue - Old (2)
Clue - Old (3)

Clue is a classic board game that was originally released in the U.K. as Cluedo in 1949. Since that release, it has seen many versions and spin-offs come to life. This copy is the 1963 release and the third release from Parker Brothers in the United States. It’s the original murder mystery game and will never go out of style.

The biggest issue with selling these games is that they are fairly common, so the market is flooded with them. That said, if you price your game right and you have a pretty decent copy, they do sell.

This copy is in good condition. The box has some condition issues, including a taped up apron and corner and a tear in one side of the top box. The bottom box has two torn corners. An arrow was drawn on the inside of the top box. There is shelf wear.  The interior contents are in good condition. The cards do not look like they have been handled much. The contents are complete and include the game board, six colored tokens, six miniature weapons, one die, 21 cards, the solution cards envelope, and a pad of detective notes. It also comes complete with the original instructions (dated 1950, but these are the instructions that came with this game in that year.) The box also has the original insert in pretty good condition, a neat find as the art on it is fantastic!

The reason I haven’t sold it yet is more than likely my price point at $22.99 with free shipping. I know if I wait for the right person to come along who really wants a game with the original insert and barely used contents, I will get the price I am asking for. Selling board games is often about patience. That said, I do have best offer on the item, so I would take a few dollars less.

With this price point, I’m look at my pure profit to be about $9. I have free shipping on the item and it will cost about $10 to ship to most places. I put free shipping on this so I would be higher in the search listings.

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