Games You Should Pick #6: Aggravation

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I thought since board games are my specialty, I would do a Game of the Week feature where I talk about a different board game and why you should be picking it up. We’ll call this feature Games You Should Pick. To make this interesting, I’m only going to talk about games I’ve actually managed to find and sell. There’s all kinds of games you should be looking out for, like Fireball Island and Dark Tower, but I haven’t managed to find either of those yet!

This week’s game is Aggravation.

Aggravation (1)

Aggravation is a popular marble game in which players move marbles from their base to their home around a board. It’s very simple gameplay that has been released many times over the years. The first release of this game was in 1962 from the CO-5 Company. It has since been re-released by Lakeside Games and Milton Bradley.

The pricing on this varies from $15 to $60 based on condition.  The age actually has very little to do with the price as well. Original first year copies sell for about the same as copies from 1998. The important thing with this game is that all the marbles are there. The board should also be in very good condition. Even poor condition boxes will sell very easily and for pretty decent money. The better the condition, though, the more valuable the game. Sealed copies from the 60s to the 80s could sell as high as $80. Very good condition copies from all years could net anywhere from $20 for newer versions to $60 for vintage copies (but these need to be near mint). Poor condition copies, with significant box damage, will still sell easily for $15 to $20. These games are difficult to keep in stock, so easily do they sell.

I’ve sold two copies of Aggravation. The first was a 1999 copy that was in excellent condition. I sold that one for $19.99 plus shipping. The other I sold was a very poor condition release from 1977. The box was a complete disaster and the die was a replacement die, but all the marbles where there and the bottom box along with the insert were still in fairly good condition. That copy sold for $14.99 plus shipping. Both copies sold within a couple of days of being listed.

Aggravation Original (1)

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