Bargain Bandit Tuesday 1/8/2013

by on January 8, 2013 at 11:24 pm

Today is Tuesday and that means it’s time for my Bargain Bandit episode. Every week, I share information about some of my recent sales, show off some favorite picks, and shout out to fellow you-tubers I enjoy watching. I really enjoying doing these shows and would love to hear what other people think.

As promised in the episode, here’s a bonus item that I recently sold!

Belt Buckle

I’ve only ever bought one storage locker and in the locker, there were some interesting items. Most of the stuff I ended up selling at a yard sale (it was a lot of clothes and boots), but there were a few items I did think would be better for eBay. This was one of them and I’ve had it up a few months, but it finally sold, albeit not for much. It was a metal belt buckle with a small Iron Cross on it and shaped like a shooting flame.

We set this item’s cost at $1 (even though we’ve already more than made our money off that storage unit). We sold it for $6.99 plus shipping and our total profit after fees and shipping was $5.21. It was really cheap to ship!

You can view tonight’s Bargain Bandit episode here (or below). Please visit my channel and like and subscribe! You may leave me comments on my YouTube channel or here. Thanks for watching!

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